awww band

ahh today was fun. in the morning my dad took me to wawa and i got my cappucino stuff LoL then we went to band and had to wait outside cause the section leaders were decorating the band room. then we went in and it was sooo cool.. it was cooler than last years LoL. we ate, played games took pics and i read the famous stephanie note. i still have the one from last year =) and i got a bear from her w/ and M on it and fuzzy socks? LoL! then we left and i fell asleep or tried to anyways since everybody was so damn hyper it was drivin me crazy. before we performed jackie was talking to us.. i was like BAWLING.. i dunno why.. like marching band is starting again in may.. i think? and its not like its MY last year.. but knowing robbie is leaving and jackie ((surprisingly i was crying cause she was leaving too)) and melissa payne and justin. i dunno. despite all the drama in marching band this year, it was still fun. like i always have fun w/ these kids no matter what. they make my life complete. like seriously i dont think any other sports team is as close w/ there teamates as marching band is. ughh.. and knowing all the juniors are leaving next year just made me cry even more! rawr! LoL. but we did good. even though we got 9th out of 12 bands, haha. o well. the bus ride home was sooo much fun. i LOVE joshua peckerhead ♥. we stopped at mcdonalds before we left pa too i had ice cream and then i was freeeeeezing the rest of the night. hehe. oh well i have nothing to do tomarrow o well.

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this is what me and robbie fight about when we're bored

RabidMidget8804: im not entertained
startingline563: so
RabidMidget8804: so
RabidMidget8804: i said entertain me
startingline563: entertain yourself
RabidMidget8804: i did that earlier today
startingline563: haha
RabidMidget8804: whats so funny
startingline563: your face
startingline563: ooo
RabidMidget8804: ooo
RabidMidget8804: your face is more funny than mine
startingline563: no
startingline563: its not
RabidMidget8804: sure is
startingline563: nope
RabidMidget8804: yep
startingline563: umm
startingline563: i think ur stupid
startingline563: and u should disappear
startingline563: from the earth
RabidMidget8804: your the blond one
RabidMidget8804: and im no magician
startingline563: so
RabidMidget8804: so
RabidMidget8804: im not dumb and i cant dissapear
RabidMidget8804: but now im gonna eat so good bye ugly face
startingline563: bye butt face
RabidMidget8804: lol bye
RabidMidget8804 is away at 6:16:31 PM.
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stuff and survey.. lol

well lastnight i did nothing ((figures)) i dunno i didnt call mel nd she didnt call me nd i really wasent in the mood to go to the mall soo yea. tonite i'm going to the movies to see charlie and the chocolate factory ((yes again)) cause it was such a damned good movie nd i love johnny depp <33 haha i'm going w. brianna, maybe mel, maybe tricia, mark, and jimbo, and maybe robbie?? i dunno, lol. but yea thats basically it. lol

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