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this is what me and robbie fight about when we're bored

RabidMidget8804: im not entertained
startingline563: so
RabidMidget8804: so
RabidMidget8804: i said entertain me
startingline563: entertain yourself
RabidMidget8804: i did that earlier today
startingline563: haha
RabidMidget8804: whats so funny
startingline563: your face
startingline563: ooo
RabidMidget8804: ooo
RabidMidget8804: your face is more funny than mine
startingline563: no
startingline563: its not
RabidMidget8804: sure is
startingline563: nope
RabidMidget8804: yep
startingline563: umm
startingline563: i think ur stupid
startingline563: and u should disappear
startingline563: from the earth
RabidMidget8804: your the blond one
RabidMidget8804: and im no magician
startingline563: so
RabidMidget8804: so
RabidMidget8804: im not dumb and i cant dissapear
RabidMidget8804: but now im gonna eat so good bye ugly face
startingline563: bye butt face
RabidMidget8804: lol bye
RabidMidget8804 is away at 6:16:31 PM.
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